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Rapid Skill Practice

We offer time for one-on-one sessions of our most utilized scenarios. These sessions occur 24/7 and only need an hour’s notice. These packages are for individuals to practice their skills and are not a replacement for our Live Training Lab for groups or classes.

Leadership Improv Workshop

Our professional improvisers, as themselves or avatars, will lead virtual, improv workshops that utilize improv exercises to teach leadership topics in an informative and fun way. Created by the CEO of The Improv Network, these workshops can focus on and highlight the leadership skills of your choosing.

Live Training Lab

Our Live Training Lab puts soft skills into practice, in a real-world, emotional way. We create a digital, fail-safe, environment designed for training and learning. Our EI Specialists, avatars, and realistic scenarios are used to elicit empathetic and emotionally intelligent responses to guide the leaders of tomorrow. The scenarios are designed to challenge leaders in complex ways and tailored to address specific, and often difficult to discuss topics.  Whether you chose a scenario from our master list or work with us to create a customized scenario just for you, our Live Training Lab will create a real, immersive learning environment that meets your objectives.


We offer custom packages for your specific objectives and requirements. These packages include all customizations, 24/7 availability and customer service, Live Training Labs with professional facilitators, rehearsals with our team, and any combination of our services.

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