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What we do

Emotional Intelligence Institute, Inc. produces an innovative, virtual safe-space experience for empathetic communication and leadership training. Participants are able to actively engage in contextually difficult conversation scenarios, within a live, mixed reality environment. We work alongside Military Personnel to produce authentic military based scenarios that confront important, rapidly evolving issues in military and civilian society today. Immersive, live simulations provide Military Members with a unique opportunity to practice and apply soft skill behaviors in a variety of simulated, contextual settings. This training allows participants to have a significantly higher success rate in real life when dealing with difficult, sometimes life-saving, situations.

Who we are

Our company was created by cofounders Janine Klein (President) and Hector Ortiz (VP).  Our woman- and minority-owned company has mastered using the evolution of technology to train and develop effective leaders. We are a live, mixed-reality simulation company that specializes in training emotional intelligence, empathetic communication, and leadership skills for military members. Our program utilizes avatars, professional performers, and scenario writers to create realistic and customized scenarios, presented in a fail-safe environment, that meet your specific objectives. We can create a scenario and train on any topic, no matter the severity.

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